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Arthur C. Aikin

Zazi Fellow

Dr. Aikin is currently a member of the faculty in the Physics Department of The Catholic University of America. He is a consultant to Howard University in the areas of renewable energy and remote sensing of the African environment. Dr. Aikin also serves as an emeritus scientist in the Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in the areas of planetary atmospheres and ionospheres. He is Principal Investigator of an Air Force Office of Scientific Research project in cooperation with the University of Breman, in Germany.

Art was a pioneer in space research who began his career with the Service d’Aeronomie helping launch scientific sounding rockets in Algeria for the French Government. He joined NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in 1961. For several years he served as head of a NASA scientific branch involved in rocket exploration of the ionosphere and middle atmosphere.

Dr. Aikin has headed scientific sounding rocket projects in the US as well as Argentina, Brazil, Greece, India, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and Sweden, including two solar eclipse campaigns. He served as a consultant to the NASA lunar landing program. He has been a scientific investigator on several scientific satellite projects including the Solar Maximum Mission and the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite.

As a co-investigator on the Voyager planetary mission, he developed the first model of atmospheric species on Saturn's moon Titan. Dr. Aikin was part of the first US Government committee to consider the harmful effects of chlorine on the Earth's ozone layer. He was assigned by NASA to the US Senate and served as scientific advisor to Senator Pete Domenici. Dr. Aikin assisted in drafting the amendment to the Clean Air Act, which regulated the ozone destroying CFC's.

Dr. Aikin is the author of nearly 100 scientific articles, reports, and book chapters as well as a textbook in the process of publication. One of his papers is one of the ten most cited articles in geophysics. He was awarded a fellowship by the Japanese Ministry of Science and Technology and spent several months in Japan lecturing at different Japanese universities and scientific laboratories on the problem of ozone and global warming. He has taught courses in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Maryland and the U.S. Naval Academy.

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